About Us

Cronulla Florists (formerly known as Silkflowers.com) is a part of a florist group with more than three decades of combined experience under its belt in the floral and horticulture industry. We offer a huge range of selection of corporate and personal floral presents and gifts items for all kinds of occasions and social gatherings like wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, burials as well as private affairs like sympathy and get well soon and anniversaries, etc. customer satisfaction is always our first priority. By logging on to our website, our customers can easily purchase floral gifts, bouquets, and flowers, etc. with only one click of their mouse. Every purchase comes with a personal enclosure card with a customized message without any extra cost or compromise on quality.

The characteristic trait of our flowers is their freshness. In order to keep it this way, every morning, we make sure to visit our trusted vendors and flower growers to ensure we handpick the freshest and most delightful flowers from their garden. By picking the freshest and finest products available, we are able to deliver bouquets, garlands, bunches and poises that not only look and smell better, but also last longer.

No matter what the occasion is, we have a huge range of floral gifts for you to choose from. So, no matter its birthday party, a wedding ceremony, a bridal shower, or just a loving gesture to a loved one, we will have a perfect bunch of flowers for you! All of our flower bouquets are designed by our team of skilled florists and are made of the freshest and best quality flowers available on the market. each bouquet is hand-tied and arranged according to every individual order before being gently wrapped in a delightful gift wrapper, and then sent to the respected customer. Please visit our deliveries page for more detailed information on deliveries and same-day deliveries etc.

Our representatives are well trained and well authorized to take any kind of steps that are needed in order to achieve the best customer satisfaction level since we know how important it is to keep our clientage pleased by exceeding their service expectations. In the same effort, we are very responsive to questions, queries, and feedback from our customers. Our commitment to excellence is our confidence, and we assertively offer 100 percent customer guaranteed satisfaction.

When it comes to service, the dedication of Cronulla Florist’s crewmen is beyond exceptional standards. By all means, we yearn and strive to exceed the expectations of our clients. All you need to do is point us in the right direction and we will take care of the rest for you. Simply log on to our website and feel a flower shopping experience like never before.